Liquid Shine Metallics

TruColor sets the standard for state of the art liquid shine natural food colors.

TruColor Liquid Shine metallic paints are state-of-the-art food colors that can be applied directly onto chocolate, candies, waxy surfaces, rolled fondant, royal icing, gum paste and virtually any food product; having the most amazing intense shiny light reflective colors, TruColor Liquid Shine Metallic Paints can be sprayed with an airbrush gun or painted on with a paintbrush; these paints will completely cover a surface with solid metallic color.

TruColor Liquid Shine metallic paints are unprecedented in hue and brilliance; Liquid Shine natural-food-color paints were designed to be airbrushed onto hard-to-color chocolate surfaces evenly without beading up on the waxy surface; they can also be used to paint light reflective hues on virtually any food product; natural food color paints can also be painted or sprayed onto the surface of chocolate molds, then left to dry before adding chocolate into the mold, for spectacular metallic effects.

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