Liquid Shine

TruColor sets the standard for state of the art liquid shine natural food colors.

These liquid food paints (also called “mineral interference paint for chocolate”) can be sprayed from heavy to lighter to create a fade effect.

Paint works very well on almost any food surface, including icing, gumpaste and fondant that has been given just a little time to set and dry or form a dry crust.

TruColor is 100-percent-natural plant-and-mineral-based food color; no synthetic color, no artificial preservatives; made from fruits, seeds, vegetables, minerals and other all-natural sources.

TruColor has spent years developing beautiful, vibrant natural food colors that are, affordable, shelf and light stable alternatives for the artificial food dyes. All TruColor products are natural and are more beautiful and brighter than any other natural colors we have seen on the on the market today.

Bring natural food colors to everyone and offer an affordable healthy alternative to the petroleum based food dyes.

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